Syed Faisal & Faizal Huda are the qualified Forensic Experts and have been working in the field of Handwriting & Signatures, Fingerprints, Ballistics as well as Medico-Legal Consultants in Forensic Medicine, DNA Fingerprinting and General Forensic for the last 7 years. They have given opinions/reports in near about 1000 cases including both verbal as well as written opinions and given statements regarding the same in various courts of Law in this connection.

They have submitted Forensic Opinions/Reports in various Courts of Law including CBI Cases, Labour Court Cases, Banks Frauds and many Govt. and Private Departmental Inquiries.

They have Submitted Forensic opinion/Reports in the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi and different District Courts such as Tis-Hazari, Karkardooma, Saket, Rohini, Patiala House and Dwarka as well as NCR and some other states of India such as Haryana, U.P and Punjab.

Fingerprinting for Visa purpose Provide fingerprinting for visa, immigration, state police clearance, education/job purpose etc in UK, USA, and other countries on valid standard cards known as FBI card.


"SYED FAISAL AND FAIZAL HUDA" are the Qualified Forensic Experts and rendering their services in this field. They are attached and working with legal advisers, counsels and solicitors of District courts, High courts and Supreme Court of India and provide them Forensic reports (U/S 45 IEA) and cross examination tips in the cases of Handwriting, Fingerprints, and medico legal consultancy in Forensic Ballistics, Forensic toxicology, Serology, Forensic Medicine DNA etc and cover all the areas of Forensic science in their relevant matters. They are always welcome to perform best services for every offer given to them by any of the lawyer, client and any of the agency.


The work of Forensic Experts and their opinions are admissible under section 45 of IEA, whether submitted by qualified independent forensic expert or submitted through the experts of private forensic agency or laboratory.


I Sonam Verma (M.Sc. Forensic science) currently working at FSL karnal, Haryana as  Scientific document Examiner. I have got practical guidelines in the field of questioned documents through Syed Faisal and Faizal Huda, Forensic Expert, Delhi. They assisted me to learn extensive practical experience in a…
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Fingerprint Verification

FORENSIC FINGERPRINT / THUMB IMPRESSION / PALM PRINT EXAMINATION- Certified / Experienced / Court Qualified Forensic Fingerprint Experts- It is one of the very important task to choose a right fingerprint experts, fingerprint examiner or fingerprint analyst, who must be trained, certified, court acceptable and…
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Handwriting Verification

Handwriting analysis is often used in forensic science to identify who wrote a particular document. The extent, to which handwriting may be miss-used, is beyond imagination and astonishing. Unauthorized persons may sign cheque of very large amounts, persons not authorized may issue indents on the…
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Fingerprinting for Visa

Visa Fingerprinting and Photograph Appointment at Visa Application Center (VAC) Earlier the fingerprints were taken during the personal interview appointment. But according to the new rules, prior to your interview at the Consulate or Embassy, you are required to give the Biometrics information that includes…
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Detective Services

Forensic Services offering detective services in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. We would like to congratulate you and thank you for your contribution towards building a new, progressive and a vibrant world. In these dynamic and exiting times of fierce competition, information holds…
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Legal Services

We provide various legal services through District, High court and Supreme Court lawyers, advocates and solicitors in the following areas:- Admiralty & maritime Antitrust and trade regulation Banking cases Business & industry Civil rights’ Criminal law Employment and labour Estate planning Family law Immigration Insurance…
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Voice Analysis

Audio Forensic Services, Legal Audio Expert and Audio Forensic Analysis, Expert Witness Services Audio Forensic Services India are professional experts in audio forensics, audio analysis services, video analysis, voice analytics and expert witness services. As with our audio enhancement services and audio clean up services,…
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Medico Legal Consultancy

Medico Legal Consultancy Medico Legal Services Consulting Services Diagnostic & Wellness Centres Insurance Companies & TPAs Services Medical Practitioners & Hospitals Services Medico Legal Services Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Redressal In most of the consumer claims compensation is claimed not only from doctors but also…
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Appoint Handwriting Expert For Court

You can directly download here the format of Application to appoint Handwriting Expert in the Court of Law. FORMAT OF EXPERT APPLICATION FOR TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS ( Download  PDF) APPLICATION FOR APPOINT HANDWRITING EXPERT IN CBI COURT ( Download  PDF) APPLICATION FOR TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS IN DISTRICT JUDGE COURT ( Download PDF)
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Expert in Handwriting Verification, Fingerprint Verification, Detective Services, Fingerprinting for Visa, Legal Services, Voice Analysis, Medico-legal Consultancy, Qualified Experts in the field of Handwriting, Fingerprints, Ballistics, & Medico legal consultants in Forensic Medicine, DNA and General Forensic.
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