SYED FAISAL AND SYED FAIZAL HUDA” are the Qualified Forensic Experts and rendering their services in this field for the last 11 years. They are giving services and consultation to legal advisors, counsels and solicitors of District courts, High courts and Supreme Court of India and provide them Forensic reports (U/S 45 IEA) as well as Cross Examination tips in the cases of Handwriting, Fingerprints along with the Medico Legal consultancy in Forensic Ballistics, Forensic Toxicology, Serology, Forensic Medicine DNA etc and cover all the areas of Forensic science in their relevant matters. They are always welcome to perform best services for every offer given to them by any of the lawyer, client and any of the agencies. They have given opinions / reports in more 2000 cases and given statements regarding the same in various courts of Law in this connection.

They provides Expert consultancy and Forensic Reports ( personal as well as for court purpose ) to the MNC Companies for employment verification, property dealers/ owners for the verification of documents involved in sale purchase land, flats, shop etc, private and Government banks, LIC companies etc in various departmental inquiries.


The opinion of Private Forensic Experts are admissible under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act (IEA). No license is required for doing as a Private Forensic Expert unlike other fields such as medical profession, advocacy etc, because in India there is no provision in the law for issuing a licence for private Forensic Experts as such no council is established so far in the field of Forensic Science . However, degree/diploma in B.Sc or M.Sc Forensic Science is essential to start a professional career in Forensic Science. If a forensic report on handwriting identification, fingerprints verification etc, has been taken for a legal purpose, then expert who has prepared the report would be appear in the Court as an expert witness after getting the Summons of the concerned Court and proves his/her report in the cross examination depending upon the skill, knowledge and experience in the field of Forensic Science. In Civil Court Cases, the name of Forensic Expert is given with the “list of witnesses” on behalf of either Plaintiff or Defendant which is filed by the Counsel of the engaging party.

1. Legally, expert is produced in the court of law as witness that’s way it is known as expert witness.

2. There are two types of experts in Forensic Field :-
• FSL/CFSL Experts
• Private Expert

3. The report given by the FSL/CFSL Expert in the court of Law is admissible U/s 293 Cr.P.C.

4. The report given by the Private experts (either on the personal letterhead or company letterhead) is admissible U/s 45 of IEA