1- Forensic Signature Examination Fees-
10,000 INR (upto 10 signatures of Admitted + Disputed)

2- Forensic Fingerprint Examination Fees-
10,000 INR (upto 10 fingerprints of Admitted + Disputed)

3- Court Appearance:-
i) In Delhi Courts-
3000 INR/appearance

ii) Outside Delhi Courts-
depending upon the distance of the city

4- Audio & Video Authentication-
10,000 INR for 1 hr after that, 300 Rs/min

5- Audio & Video Transcription-
300 Rs/min

**Note- Fees may vary according the the voluminous of work of each case.**

Forensic Training Fees:-
55,000 INR
Duration-5 to 6 month required

For more information Contact-
Ms. Ankita (Associate Forensic Expert)- 08178840714

Note- It is a personal type of training which is provided only on the request of those students who want to start self practice as Forensic Experts. We have to taken out spare time from our busy schelude of court cases of Delhi, NCR, Haryana etc to provide such training. It is not an institutional type of training which is imparted to students in groups or batch in various colleges or institutions.