We are providing Forensic guidance on the basis of live Court Cases on Handwriting & Fingerprints verification which is very useful to start self practice and own consultancy work in this field. Students can take practical experience under our supervision on such type of cases and can enhance professional & technical skill after solving and making the report on these types of cases. After taking our Forensic assistance/guidance on the provided court cases, one can be a freelance Forensic Expert and can work in any States of India U/S 45 of Indian Evidence Act (IEA).

1. Procedure for appointing a private Forensic Expert in a particular case in which opinion of expert is sought.
2. How to prepare a technical report.
3. How to tender a report in the Court of Law.

1. You can improve your skill and practical knowledge as well as Experience in the field of Handwriting and Fingerprints.
2. You can start your own Forensic practice and work as an expert witness in various Courts of India.
3. You can easily handle various cases coming into the Court and can prepare impressive report on that.

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