If any Forensic student (Passout or going to be passout) want to work as a Freelance/Independent Handwriting & Fingerprint Expert, then, he/she can take our assistance through Demo Court cases which we had solved earlier in different Courts of India. We are providing such training for those students who want to learn court proceeding and expert evidence in the court of Law. For doing practice as a Freelance Handwriting & Fingerprint Expert and for giving report in the any Court of India, either Degree or Diploma in Forensic science is required.

Our training programme is helpful for those Forensic students who want to start self practice as Handwriting & Fingerprint expert. Students can also send inquiry regarding the same on our whatsapp number-9810916934, 8882140152

Guiding- You will learn following points step by step through our Court Experience and expertise for handling cases individually. Our Training manual for forensic examination of questioned handwriting, signatures and documents guides students all the way from understanding handwriting features to examination and comparison of questioned and known writing/fingerprint and to testifying in court of Law.

1- Procedure to appoint Handwriting Expert in any Court case

2- Report writing Formats i.e. Signature and Fingerprint Verification

3- Photographs Enlargement and their digital marking

4- Preparation of Affidavit of Expert /Examination in Chief in the Court of Law

5- Cross Examination Tips on FSL reports/private Experts

6-How to reply in your Cross Examination

7-Supplied Sample Cases/documents via e-mail or whatsapp for solving to the participant

8- Supplied Hard Copy of earlier Original Court Cases reports (3-4 set) on the participant address

9- Whatsapp Helpline (9810916934, 8882140152)

10- Face to Face discussion with us at Office

11- Courts visits with us at many occassions

12- Issuing Certificate, if required

Training Fees– Send us mail on ( for getting quotation and confirmation

Duration– 1 -2 Month required minimum

Summary After learning the above proceeding, student can start self practice as a Freelance Forensic Expert in any court of India. It is our strongly belief that after getting our assistance any student would be able to work as a Freelance Forensic Expert and can earn 40-50 K (thousand) in starting.


1- Application Letter to obtain Training

2- CV (Passport size photo, optional)

3- Photocopy of Qualification Certificates

4- Identity Proof (Copy of Adhar card/Voter card etc


I Sonam Verma passed out M.Sc. Forensic science from MDU University, Rohtak, Haryana. Now I am currently working as a Scientific document Examiner in FSL, Karnal-Haryna. I had taken practical training in 2015 on the subject of Handwriting and Fingerprints from the Forensic Experts i.e. Syed Faisal and Faizal Huda, Delhi. They assisted me to learn extensive practical experience in a variety of questioned documents cases and court trials/proceedings.

I had learned the whole proceeding in the cases such as report writing, cross examination preprations, digital marking on the photographs, Prepration of Expert affidavit or Examination in Chief in the Court of Law with the help of 10-15 real Court cases and got experience from that cases which was very essential to be an independent expert and for taking cases individually in this field. They have issued certificate of Training on their letter head which was very helpful while I was giving interview in FSL, which assured the Govt. Experts that I already experienced Expert in handling Court cases.

If you want to get the necessary information to be an expert in the field of questioned document, I highly recommend the name of Syed Faisal-Faizal Huda who are imparting the actual assiatance in this field, if someone required.

Sonam Verma, Scientific Document Examiner, FSL, Haryana