FORENSIC TRAINING :- We are offering Forensic training on the basis of live Court Cases on Handwriting & Fingerprints verification which is helpful to initiate Forensic Practice and consultancy work in this field. Students can get practical experience under our supervision on such type of cases and can enhance professional & technical skill. After this training on the provided court cases, trainee can start work in any States of India U/S 45 of Indian Evidence Act (IEA).

ONLINE INTERNSHIP:- We are also offering online Internship to the Forensic students whose internship programme is the part of their syllabus. It is 2 month internship programme in the field of questioned documents in which we assign case work to the students in Handwriting & Fingerprints verification. Legal Forensic Proceeding is also told along with the cases. Internship Certificate shows that the trainee has gained experience on the Court cases under the supervision of Forensic expert. Online internship provides degree of freedom to the trainee to work at his/her own place over the traditional internship.

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