If any fresher Forensic student wants to establish career in Private Forensic sector then one can purchase our expert reports manuals before start practice in the Court of Law. These report manuals are the actual live court Cases of Forensic field which we handle in different courts of Delhi, NCR and other states of India and very helpful to understand the complete Court proceeding and Expert evidence in the court of Law. On the basis of our Reports Manuals any Forensic student can start own practice on his/her Letter Head in any Court of India. After deeply persual of our report manuals and solving live court cases student will not required to search job anywhere in Forensic Field.

We are providing various Report Manuals which are based on the following Court Cases-

1- Signature denied by the actual writer (2000 Rs/set)

2- Free Hand Forgery/Simulation Forgery Cases (2000 Rs/set)

3- Traced Forgery Cases (2000 Rs/set)

4- Forgery by Memory Cases (2000 Rs/set)

5- Forgery by Impersonation Cases (2000 Rs/set)

6- Similar Handwriting Cases (2000 Rs/set)

7- Different Handwriting Cases (2000 Rs/set)

8- Disputed Signatures show superior/higher Skill (2000 Rs/set)

9- Cheque Bounce Cases- Amount, Name, Date, Figures (2000 Rs/set)

10- Different Writers (2000 Rs/set)

11- Different Patterns of Fingerprints (2000 Rs/set)

12- Similar Pattern of Fingerprints (2000 Rs/set)

13- Fingerpint Unfit for Comparison (2000 Rs/set)

14- Similar Ink examination Cases (2000 Rs/set)

15- Different Ink Examination Cases (2000 Rs/set)

16- Added writing subsquently/Later on (2000 Rs/set)

17- Forgery over Genuine Documents (2000 Rs/set)

18- Intersecting Lines Examination cases (2000 Rs/set)

19- Audio Authentication Cases (3000 Rs/set)

20- Video Authentication Cases (3000 Rs/set)

21- Forensic Intepretation on Toxicology of Alcohol Cases (3500 Rs/set) 

22- Forensic Intepretation on DNA in Disputed Paternity Cases (2000 Rs/set)

23- Forensic Intepretation on Ballistic/Firearm Cases (3500 Rs/set)  

Bank Details:-

Payment Mode:  Online transfer

Bank Name– State Bank of India

Acc. Name– Syed Faisal Huda

Account No – 30948549631

IFSC Code: SBIN0000615


1- As per the requirement of any student, he/she can purchase all the sets of above mentioned reports manual one by one or any out of them.

2- Reports manual are being provided via E-Mail in soft copy or via courier service on the provided address. Courier charges Rs 300/- will be applicable extra depending upon the City and distance. Seal and stamped report will be dispathed on the corresponding address.

3- Test excercise of various Court Cases also available in our database. Some Test Excercises are as under-

1-Document For Analysis (Test Excercise-1)

2-Document For Analysis (Test Exercise -2)

3-PRINTOUT DOCUMENT (Test Excercise-3)