The extent, to which handwriting may be miss-used, is beyond imagination and astonishing. Unauthorized persons may sign cheque of very large amounts, persons not authorized may issue indents on the document and trickster may misdirect delivery orders etc. To eliminate all these issues we have a team of experts to catch the cheater immediately.

Handwriting analysis covers many aspects; it helps in determining the writing frauds, signature frauds, anonymous letters and bank cheque frauds. Since years we are solving the mysteries that involve handwriting analysis. With a special team of graphology experts and well equipped laboratory, we generate best results as possible.

We also assist other investigation crime solving organizations that need experts to deliver accurate results in no time.

In criminal cases analyzing the calligraphy is the most complicated task. It involves very detailed research work and efficiency. Calligraphy analysis determines the psychological status of the suspect, his motives behind the crime in case of anonymous writing crimes. On the other hand we conduct investigations in suicide notes.

Followings are the attributes owing to which our services are widely appreciated by our valued clients:

  • Client-centric approaches
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility

Services Rendered

  • To give opinion on handwriting for production in the civil Court cases.
  • Forensic photography of disputed documents,
  • To give opinion on the Wills forgeries.
  • To fix the age of the documents.
  • For detection of the fraud in the document cases by forging the signatures of the party.
  • Examination of bank fraud cases of withdrawal of the money etc.
  • Appearance in courts as an expert witness,
  •  Presentation of facts in courts,
  •  Preparation of technical arguments.