If any Forensic student wants to start private Court practice as an independent Forensic Expert then he will have to required experience of near about 40-50 Court cases before start own independent practice. We are providing training on the real Court Cases in which we had filed our reports in various Court of Law. Our Training is based on the actual live court Cases of Forensic field which we handle in different courts of Delhi, NCR and other states of India and very helpful to understand the complete Court proceeding and Expert evidence in the court of Law. On the basis of guidelines any Forensic student can start own Court practice on his/her Letter Head in any Court of India.

We are providing training which is based on the following Court Cases-

1- Signature denied by the actual writer

2- Free Hand Forgery/Simulation Forgery Cases

3- Traced Forgery Cases

4- Forgery by Memory Cases

5- Forgery by Impersonation Cases

6- Similar Handwriting Cases

7- Different Handwriting Cases

8- Disputed Signatures show superior/higher Skill

9- Cheque Bounce Cases- Amount, Name, Date, Figures

10- Different Writers

11- Different Patterns of Fingerprints

12- Similar Pattern of Fingerprints

13- Fingerpint Unfit for Comparison

14- Similar Ink examination Cases

15- Different Ink Examination Cases

16- Added writing subsquently/Later on

17- Forgery over Genuine Documents

18- Intersecting Lines Examination cases

19- Audio Authentication Cases

20- Video Authentication Cases

21- Forensic Intepretation on Toxicology of Alcohol Cases

22- Forensic Intepretation on DNA in Disputed Paternity Cases

23- Forensic Intepretation on Ballistic/Firearm Cases

Note- Interested Candidates can contact us on our Mobile/Whatsapp No- 9810916934, 8882140152
Training Period :- 5-6 Month (Approx.)
Training Fees- 55,000 INR

For more information Contact-
Ms. Ankita (Associate Forensic Expert)
– 08178840714

Note- It is a personal type of training which is provided only on the request of those students who want to start self practice as Forensic Experts. We have to taken out spare time from our busy schelude of court cases of Delhi, NCR, Haryana etc to provide such training. It is not an institutional type of training which is imparted to students in groups or batch in various colleges or institutions.

Review/Appreciation- I sonam Verma, got practical training of about 5-6 month under the supervision of Mr Faisal & Faizal Huda. I had worked on 40-50 real Court cases on the subject of Handwriting and Fingerprints which were provided by the Experts and I had learned lots of court proceeding in this connection. I had shown this practical experience during the interview conducted by FSL Experts and based on the experience certificate issued by Mr Faisal & Faizal, I got job as a Junior Scientific Officer in Madhuban Forensic Science laboratory, Karnel, Haryana. Thanks for giving me practical guidelines to get the job in this field.