1- If someone wants to be a Private Handwriting & Fingerprint Expert and make career in Private sector of Forensic Science, then you can join our Online Training programme which is totally based upon live Court Cases.

2- We are providing Online Practical training to National and International students on the subjects of Handwriting & Fingerprint verification on the basis of our experience which we have obtained during the past 10 years in this field. Our training is totally based on live court cases in which expert opinion is sought by the Hon’ble Courts.

3- We have arranged certain Modules systematically step by step in this training programme. After completing all the modules and court cases, one can become competent expert to handle Handwriting & Fingerprint verification cases and can start self practice in the court of Law.

4- Time Period- No fixed time limit. Unless all the modules are completed training will be continue so that all the concepts can be understood.

5- Fees Structure- Initial Modules are free for all the students who want to get Online Training. After gratification, one can further continue our Paid training programme to get Remaining Modules/Cases for the purpose of completing this training programme. After completion all the Modules, one can understand the Practical application of expert witness and can initiate self practice as Handwriting & Fingerprint Expert in any court of Law.

6- Our training is paid in nature but you can get FREE DEMO MODULES to understand the whole concept.
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