Sonam Verma 20150910_214623I Sonam Verma (M.Sc. Forensic science) currently working at FSL karnal, Haryana as  Scientific document Examiner.

I have got practical guidelines in the field of questioned documents through Syed Faisal and Faizal Huda, Forensic Expert, Delhi. They assisted me to learn extensive practical experience in a variety of questioned documents cases and court trials/proceedings.

I have learned the procedure of solving cases, taking Photographs of the questioned document for examination purpose and to write the accurate and professional reports as well as cross examination tips in the court trials. I had worked on 10-15 real cases and got experience, which is very essential to start a professional career as an expert.

If you would like to gain the necessary information to become a expert in the field of questioned document I highly recommend the name of Syed Faisal Faizal Huda who imparting the online guidelines to the student of Forensic Science.

By- Sonam Verma, Scientific Document Examiner, FSL, Haryana

In my point of view Faisal and Faizal both are quit eminent and skillful experts in the enormous field of Forensic 3_2science. My firm has taken their opinions in multiple cases including civil, criminal and corporate sectors which give us great success to bring out the truth in the light of Forensic methods and technologies. Both of these experts are energetic, qualified and enthusiastic towards their occupation and profession. The forensic science is the combination of difference branches including Handwriting, Fingerprints, Ballistics etc and now a days it has became a integral parts of Legal field in which litigation cannot be moved further without the opinion on concerned experts hence I wish for both of experts to grow persistently in this field.

By- Rakesh Malhotra Adv, Delhi High Court and Supreme Court

I have a great pleasure in bearing the testimony and the character of Mr. Syed Faisal Huda and Mr. Syed Faizal HudaUMESH GUPTA ADV
who have been rendering meritorious and miraculous services in the field of forensic science, their performance in discharging duties is highly praiseworthy. – I recommend the name of both of them to any Legal Consultant, Solicitors, Advocates and Law Firms for taking their Expert Opinion in Court Cases, CBI matters, Arbitration Matters, 138 NI Act, Civil and Criminal proceedings etc

By- Umesh Gupta Adv, Sui Juris, Law Firm, New Delhi

I take great pleasure in Testifying that I have found Mr. Syed Faisal Huda and Mr. Syed Faizal 10358697_931217273578248_7703487887238957091_nHuda, Handwriting and Forensic Experts, to be highly dedicated and Professional people in their area of expertise. They are not only very professional in their work but, also very ethical and helpful in their conduct. To them money is of secondary consideration, their focus being strongly on their assignment and commitment to their profession. I recommend them highly, both as professionals and as good and sincere, Human beings.

By-Amit Chadda Adv, Delhi High Court


As per my knowledge and experience Syed Faisal Huda and Syed Faizal Huda both are Forensic Experts and High Profile working persons particularly on the subject of Handwriting, Fingerprints, Ballistics, Medico legal Cases etc and they have zeal of job profile and expertization to elaborate and emphasis the factual position and realty of the matter to enlighten the truth to the hon’ble court.

By- Hardeep Dhillon
Adv, Patiala House Court, New Delhi