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Audio Forensic Services India are professional experts in audio forensics, audio analysis services, video analysis, voice analytics and expert witness services. As with our audio enhancement services and audio clean up services, all of our AV services are performed in-house so your confidentiality is assured at all times. We are AV specialists dedicated to identifying sound artifacts on recordings and improving the quality of sound recordings on analogue and digital formats through our studio services

As a business our services assist clients in many facets of audio analysis, this extends into the specialist fields of sound diagnostics and forensic audio to locate and detect anomalies in sound waves, enhance, extract and identify inaudible, distorted or muffled sounds and dialogue from a wide range of formats and sources. Additionally, we analyse, verify and authenticate audio visual footage and recordings for legal support services, legal cases, evidential presentations and evidentityurposes. We also accept and work with sound files in foreign languages in addition to the English language.

Audio forensic analysis:

Audio forensic analysis covers an extensive range of processes such as forensic audio enhancement, dialogue continuity and the forensic analysis of tampering or editing on tapes and recordings. Sounds and speech dialogue are analysed for clarity and authenticity among st other aspects through our forensic analysis services at Forensic Services India.

Audio forensic verification services:

Our forensic audio verification services isolate areas within a recording of which are questioned as possible tampering or editing in addition to this our voice identification services report procedures involving speech pattern analysis, voice diagnostics and identifying key voices on both audible and intelligible sound recordings. If the voices or dialogue on the sound recording are not audible or are unintelligible we can clean noise artifacts and raise the dialogue levels.
Audio clean up services:

We specialist in mobile phone interference removal, noise reduction, harmonic and frequency distortion removal as well as suppression or removal of unwanted background environmental noise on audio recordings that require to be cleaned. An example of cleaning unwanted noise would include: weather elements, wind, cicadas, horns, bangs, coughs, bar noise, crowd chatter and applause as well as clicks, buzzing, low frequency hums, pops and crackles.

Evidentiary audio analysis:

Through the investigation of acoustic and auditory content analysis of a recording we authenticate as well as analyse tapes and digital recordings of an penitentiary nature for audio evidence and identification purposes to determine their authenticity and continuity. From a legal audio perspective we analyse recordings to determine whether they display any indication of contamination of evidence. We provide a legal audio expert and expert witness service as an addition to this process if required. Please follow the link for further information on our Audio analysis service.

Audio enhancement:

We are leading experts in the field of audio enhancement, recovery and speech recordings. We enhance, restore sound, repair and clean tapes, video, micro cassettes, digitally recorded media and we clean the recordings of poorly recorded audio and remove unwanted sound and noise on video in order to improve the overall quality of sound.

Voice forensics:

This involves the analysis, detection, identification, comparison and transcribing of speech and disputed utterances from a recording for voice authenticity purposes. This can be crucial when dealing with legal cases or investigations. Our voice experts and analysts who are proficient in inaudible speech identification can assist you further with forensic stylistics analysis and forensic linguistics.

Legal audio expert:

Our audio forensic analysts can give valuable support to clients in legal litigation cases, whereby reports are presented through our audio forensic expert witness services, of which meets legal audio expert witness protocols.

Forensic transcription:

We offer the best in quality digital transcription technology including analysis, verification and audio typing services. In forensic transcription we decipher and transcribe audible and inaudible dialogue from many recorded file formats for courts, police 999 recordings, witness statements, private investigations, legal cases, litigation, public, commercial and private disputes.

Sound restoration:

Our senior technician began his career when the main recording format was analogue and is a specialist in analogue and digital vintage sound restoration and audio archive restoration. This includes the recovery of audio and sound from damaged or poor quality media and recording equipment such as cassette tapes, video tapes, vinyl, mp3’s etc.

Audio editing:

In audio editing we work through the process of tidying, splicing or removing sections of recordings from a sound file. We offer a fully customized and comprehensive bespoke audio editing service to cater for each and every one of our clients’ requirements, industry specifications and guidelines.

Audio mastering:

Our forensic lab also encompasses fully equipped audio production facilities. We have state of the art echnology that ensures and produces clean, clear, audible recordings on a wide range of formats during the mastering process. We are specialists in digital mastering and analogue mastering.

Audio transfer service:

As an additional paid service we can assist clients with the transfer of audio and video files from the original recorded media. An example would be the transfer of a video from an iPod to pc. The final studio process incorporates the transfer of enhanced, edited and mastered copies onto CD, DVD or tape and also through access to our secure ftp site on the internet. Cleaned and enhanced files transferred onto a CD, DVD or tape is at an additional cost to the client.
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